5 Ways To Improve Your ROI From Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the largest social network on the web today, boasting more than 1 billion total users. That number will continue to grow as the user base in countries around the world grows as well. Facebook presents a huge opportunity for businesses, and Facebook ads are often the preferred way to connect with your potential audiences. However, diving head first into Facebook advertising without doing any research is a sure-fired way to blow your advertising budget and not see much of a return. Before setting up your first Facebook advertising campaign, or to improve existing campaigns, take these tips into consideration:

Save Money with Re-targeting Campaigns

Re-targeting campaigns use cookies to track those who have already visited your website and displays ads to them when they are on Facebook. This is a great way to ensure that your company or product is always at the top of their mind. While they may not be ready to purchase right away, a re-targeting campaign a few weeks after they initially visit your website can help to push them towards making a purchase. Re-targeted ads are perhaps the most powerful tool in the Facebook advertising arsenal, because they allow you to target those who already know about your company and have been to your website.

Run Split Tests on Your Facebook Ad Images

Images boost engagement on Facebook, and in most ad campaigns on Facebook, the image that you choose has just as much (if not more) of an effect on your return-on-investment as the copywriting that accompanies it. Images catch the attention of users who are often experiencing information overload when visiting Facebook. Your ad has to capture their attention above the posts that their friends have made, the pages that they’ve “liked”, and the range of other data that is provided to the average Facebook user. With a few small tweaks, ad campaigns can go from completely unprofitable to extremely profitable with the click of a button and the change of an image. Experiment with several different images in separate ad groups and track the returns that each is able to generate.

Use Targeting To Your Advantage

Facebook makes a number of advanced advertising targeting features available through their platform. You can target your users using a range of different options that include:

  • Location:you can target users by location, using cities, states, countries and zip codes. This is ideal for local business, but also allows you to create ads that are specific to certain locations.
  • Demographics:you can target by gender, relationship status, age, education or where a person works. This is extremely valuable for creating highly targeted ads.
  • Interests:if you know that someone is already interested in your product or industry, you already have a foot in the door. Use interest-based targeting to get your ads in front of higher quality prospects.

Use Unique Ads for Each Audience

One of the most overlooked ways to increase the return on your advertising spend overnight is to custom-create advertisements based on the segments and targeting preferences that you choose. Ensure that you laser-focus your ads for specific groups, as this will give you a better chance of catching their attention and fostering click-through on your advertisement.

Facebook advertising success can be a tough egg to crack, particularly for business owners who do not have a lot of experience setting up and managing their own campaigns. Working with a company that specializes in Facebook advertising will allow you to ensure that you are following best practices, using creative strategies, and ultimately connecting with your desired audience. If you would like to learn more about how Brooklyn Media International can help you to improve your ROI from Facebook ads, please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our Facebook advertising experts

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